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Friday, August 8, 2014
6 Weakest Excuses Christians Use to End Their Marriages
couple fighting

While there are justifiable grounds for divorce, you should never leave your spouse for these reasons.

Delaware Man Makes Grisly Jonestown Cult Discovery

In 1978 Jim Jones forced 900 followers of his Peoples Temple to drink cyanide-laced "Flavor Aid." Thirty-six years later, the disturbing revelations continue.

6:00PM EDT 8/7/2014
Actor-comedian Russell Brand
Anti-Israel Celebrities Justify Hamas' Actions

Israel's actions in the Gaza conflict have been harshly condemned by some actors and musicians. Here are some of those who have been outspoken against the Jewish state.

In the Line of Fire
Former President Jimmy Carter
President Carter Aligns Himself With Terrorists

Michael Brown details why former President Jimmy Carter's recent words about Israel and the way it has waged war with Hamas are "outlandish."

7:00AM EDT 8/7/2014
9:00AM EDT 8/7/2014
IRS Settlement With Atheists Could Mean Beginning of End for Your Pastor's Free Speech

The IRS has said it will amend its policies to enforce tax laws on what atheists call "rogue political churches."

2:00PM EDT 8/7/2014
Does Faith in God Really Combat Sickness? Lawsuit: Soldier Forced out of Army for Serving Chick-fil-A, Reading Hannity Book
Will the Assemblies of God Keep Growing in the Next Century? Brazil's 'Billionaire Bishop' Builds $300M Solomon's Temple Replica
Atheists vs. Christian Cheerleaders: Battle Over Bible Banners May Head to Texas High Court Persecuted Pastor's Kids Send Tear-Jerking Video Pleading for Obama's Help
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