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Friday, May 9, 2014
6 Really Bad Charismatic Doctrines We Should Retire
Money in hand

The Holy Spirit is challenging us to clean up our act. Let's stop teaching things that are not in God's Word.

laying hands on the sick
6-Year-Old Boy Lays Hands on the Sick and Sees Miracle Recoveries

"Joey put his hand on her head and said, 'Heavenly Father, I ask You to touch my aunt Mindy and heal her, because we know by Your stripes she is healed. Thank You for her healing in Jesus' name. Amen.'" It was just that simple.

Mom's Night out - In theaters Now!
8:00AM EDT 5/8/2014
Watchman on the Wall
Benham brothers
Labeled 'Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Extremists,' Christian Benham Brothers Lose HGTV Show

If we don't rise up and stand together against these assaults on our free speech, we will ultimately lose our freedom, and canceled TV shows will be the least of the persecution.

Mya Huff
Deliverance From Homosexuality Is Not a Challenge for God, Says Millennial Author

An ex-lesbian hopes that her book not only shuts down the confusion, but also mends broken hearts, minds and souls with the gospel.

11:30AM EDT 5/8/2014
11:00AM EDT 5/8/2014
Mom's Night out - In theaters Now!
parent arrest
Pornographic Novel Part of New Hampshire School's Homework Assignment

An English teacher provided a sexually graphic novel to 14-year-old children. A parent complained. And when he complained too much, he was tossed in jail.

7:00AM EDT 5/8/2014
WATCH: Preacher Has Audacity to Blame Women's Yoga Pants for Rape 'Harbinger' Prophet Jonathan Cahn: You Cannot Expect Smiles From Heaven to Remain on US
Former Youth Pastor Accused of Giving Kids Alcohol, Drugs and Porn Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Names Fallen Pastor Bob Coy's Replacement
The One Thing All Christian Denominations Agree Upon 'We'd Rather Be Protestants': More Hispanics Give Catholicism an Unwanted Wake-Up Call
Mom's Night out - In theaters Now!
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