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Friday, May 2, 2014
Jars of Clay, One Week Later
Jars of Clay

Just because left-wing "evangelicals" and liberal Christians claim the issues are not that simple doesn't mean that the rest of us have to be partners to this deception and error.

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham: The Flood of Compromise

Billy Graham has always said, "From compromise to deceit is a small step." Now his son is urging Christians to refuse to compromise with the flood of immorality.

Christian Life News - Global News. Evangelical Worldview.
8:00AM EDT 5/1/2014
Mike Wilkerson
Pastor at Mars Hill Church Abruptly Leaves, Moves Out of State

With so much controversy surrounding Mars Hill Senior Pastor Mark Driscoll in recent months, it may not surprise some that one of its pastors is suddenly leaving.

John Maxwell
7 Inspiring Leaders and the Traits That Made Them Great

John Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership, but leading is something most of us learn by trial and error. Discover the traits of seven inspiring leaders.

3:30PM EDT 5/1/2014
7:00AM EDT 5/1/2014
Christian Life News - Global News. Evangelical Worldview.
Finding someone who is spiritually compatible with you is crucial when selecting a lifelong mate.
How to Find the Right Mate-and Build a Marriage That Lasts

There's no such thing as a storybook marriage--but if you want to find the right person for you, keep these rules in mind.

6:00AM EDT 5/1/2014
Can You Discern the Spirit Behind the Gospel of Reason? Dr. Don Colbert Reveals the Truth About Antibacterial Soap
Christians in Egypt 'Expecting Death Any Time' Political Left Squashing Free Speech to Turn America Into a Socialist Paradise
Donald Sterling, a Pretty Face and a Racist Heart How to Pray for US on National Day of Prayer
Christian Life News - Global News. Evangelical Worldview.
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