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Friday, April 4, 2014
3 New Ways to Look at Christians Drinking Wine, Beer and Hard Liquor
Beers and the boys

God is not a buzzkill. The Bible never says, "Thou shalt not drink." But God is very concerned about your character, and drinking can be a way God tests it.

Alani Santos
WATCH: 8-Year-Old With Gifts of Healing Performs Miracles

People travel from near and far to pack a Pentecostal church and witness 8-year-old Alani Santos cast out demons and heal the sick.

3:00PM EDT 4/3/2014
Fire in My Bones
7 Reasons We Don't Make Disciples

I believe the Holy Spirit is drawing the church back to the New Testament model of relational discipleship.

Ellen DeGeneres
Are We Entertaining Ourselves to Death?

How has a society that was founded on biblical principles gotten so far away from the command "Set nothing wicked before [your] eyes"? Franklin Graham sounds off.

6:00AM EDT 4/3/2014
7:00AM EDT 4/3/2014
Limited Easter Offer
Nicolas Cage in 'Left Behind'
Will 'Left Behind' Rapture Theme Scare People Into Heaven?

What makes Left Behind different than the other biblical movies hitting theaters this year? The producer shares his thoughts on why people will flock to see the thriller.

12:00PM EDT 4/3/2014
WATCH: Once-Devout Muslim Gives Up Mother's Love to Follow Christ Should Christians Watch a Bible Movie Directed by an Atheist?
Could the Mark of the Beast Look Like This 'Bar Code on Steroids'? You Won't Believe How 2 Military Men Dealt With Protester Holding US Flag Upside Down
Queen Elizabeth Greets Pope With Eggs, Whiskey and Beer Would This Religious Freedom Bill Really Allow Christians to Discriminate Against Gays?
The Juice Lady's Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue amazon barnes and noble Passio Faith
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