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Friday, March 21, 2014
Malaysian Airliner Disappearance Offers Snapshot of Post-Rapture World Shock
Malaysian Airlines

Anne Graham Lotz gives her take on the recent disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines plane. And she offers a reminder of our future in God.

Moon and the stars
7 Things That Prove God Is Real

When I look at all the evidence, I think atheists have a weak argument.

6:00AM EDT 3/20/2014
Worship band
Should Worship Leaders Sing Secular Songs in Church?

When you leave church, shouldn't songs about Jesus be running through your head instead of the church band's rendition of, for instance, Styx's "Come Sail Away"?

'God's Not Dead'
REVIEW: 'God's Not Dead' Is Entertaining, Profound and Powerful

God's Not Dead is an entertaining, profound, powerful Christian movie about a college student who has to stand up for his faith when bullied by an atheist professor. Read Movieguide's review.

9:00AM EDT 3/20/2014
10:00AM EDT 3/20/2014
National Institute of Christian Leadership - Register now at 3 locations
Barawa, Somalia
Christian Mother in Somalia Beheaded in Front of Her Daughters

A Christian mother of two and her cousin were beheaded by al-Shabab Islamic extremists once their faith was discovered.

3:00PM EDT 3/20/2014
Rand Paul's Vision for a More Inclusive Republican Party Here We Go: Politician Wants to Strip Christian Weddings of Legal Status
Porn Star Belle Knox Needs Love and Compassion, Not Abuse and Torture After 'Strange Fire,' John MacArthur Plans Biblical Inerrancy Summit
US Authorities Arrest 14 in Porn Website Involving 251 Children Dangerous Policy Lurks Behind Romeike Home-School Triumph
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