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Friday, November 29, 2013
Why I'm Grateful for President Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln

Much like our 16th president in 1863, we have much to be thankful to God for on this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving prayer
How Gratitude Is the Key to a Healthier Life

What if Thanksgiving was more than just a holiday? What if we made it a way of life? Find out how showing gratitude is more like exercise than we might expect.

5:00PM EST 11/28/2013
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham: Season of Hope

Tens of thousands of people gave their lives to Christ as a result of My Hope with Billy Graham. Franklin Graham shares how you can help in the effort, which he plans to continue for the next five years.

Francis Chan
Francis Chan: How to Rejoice in Daily Living

We often lose sight of what really matters, but watch as Francis Chan urges the church to "rejoice always" while revealing what it does for Christians.

3:00PM EST 11/28/2013
1:00PM EST 11/28/2013
'The Black Nativity'
'Black Nativity' Unapologetically Sings Christ's Praises

The Black Nativity, the season's newest holiday film, boldly displays the true meaning of faith and forgiveness. Read our review and find out why you should see this family-friendly holiday flick.

7:00AM EST 11/28/2013
Remembering Thankfulness in the Midst of Adversity
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