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Friday, October 25, 2013
John MacArthur, Cessation Theology and Trainspotting for Cave Dwellers
Mark Rutland
The arrogance of making experience into a theology that trumps Scripture is exceeded only by the arrogance of making lack of experience into a theology that trumps Scripture. So says Mark Rutland.
In the Line of Fire
Michael Brown
Let's Not Bite and Devour One Another

How do we expose error without dividing the body? How do we hold to our convictions while honoring those who differ with us? Michael Brown explains five principles to help avoid unnecessary casualties.

9:30AM EDT 10/24/2013
Debalal's funeral
After Requesting Healing Prayer, Man Murders Evangelist

An elder for Gospel for Asia was fatally attacked Sunday in Phattepur, Nepal. He spent his last moments praying for the health of the man who fatally slit his throat.

Pastor John MacArthur
To My Fundamentalist Brother John MacArthur: Grace to You Too

MacArthur's new book Strange Fire is a broad-brush attack on all charismatics. But we can forgive him for it.

3:00PM EDT 10/24/2013
6:00AM EDT 10/24/2013
Barack Obama
Obamacare: A Trojan Horse for Abortion

America's health care reforms are a Trojan horse for the abortion industry, a professional political consultant has said. Find out why.

1:00PM EDT 10/24/2013
'Love Boat' Captain Gavin MacLeod Now Ambassador for Christ Recording Artist Gary Chapman Makes Triumphant Return With 'The Truth'
Why Pope Francis Banished the 'Bishop of Bling' From His Diocese Egypt's Children Picking Through Trash to Survive
Baptism Rates Slide Despite High-Profile Boosts Benny Perez Asks for Holy Spirit Renewal in Church Conference Announcement
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