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Friday, September 27, 2013
Four Fatal Flaws That Ruin Ministries
fallen leader

Our movement began unraveling a few years ago because of flawed leadership. We will not recover until we clean up our act.

In the Line of Fire
Ellen DeGeneres
Comparing Black Civil Rights to Gay Civil Rights

Many gay rights advocates argue that their struggles can be compared to the black civil rights movement, but Michael Brown explains why this is grossly inaccurate and downright insulting to African-Americans.

10:00AM EDT 9/26/2013
Rep. Raul Labrador
Conservatives Promote House Bill to Protect Gay Marriage Opponents

Increasingly resigned to the reality that they're unlikely to stop gay marriage, conservatives are now trying to blunt its impact by carving out explicit protections for dissenters.


The Bible
Methodist High Court Considering Challenges to Gay Teachings

The United Methodist Judicial Council will soon decide whether church ministries can advocate for the acceptance of homosexuality, whether ministers can officiate at same-sex ceremonies and more.

8:00AM EDT 9/26/2013
7:00AM EDT 9/26/2013
Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron's 'Unstoppable' Brings in $2 Million on Opening Night

Audiences have once again shown their loyalty and support for Kirk Cameron as the results are in from Unstoppable. Find out how the movie did and when you can see it again if you missed this week's premiere.

10:30AM EDT 9/26/2013
On a Rescue Mission to Free Persecuted Pastor, Christian Leader Heads to Iran Mr. President, Why Won't Your Administration Enforce Porn Laws?
What Obamacare Will Mean for Retirees Pope Francis Excommunicates Pro-Gay Marriage Priest for 'Heresy'
'Left Behind' Video Game Creator Faces US SEC Fraud Charges Hispanic Leaders Join Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem
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