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Friday, September 20, 2013
More Methodist Pastors Defy Church Law, Wed Gays
gay wedding

More Methodist pastors are facing church complaints for wedding gays--and at least one pastor is facing a complaint for being a practicing lesbian. What's going on in the Methodist Church?

Joseph Mattera
10 Ways the Word of Faith Movement Went Wrong

The Word of Faith movement restored a much-needed balance to the body of Christ--but it also went astray in some pretty significant ways. Joseph Mattera sounds off.

9:00AM EDT 9/19/2013
See You At the Pole
Why Is Prayer at School So Threatening to Atheists?

A group of atheists is calling See You at the Pole a "spontaneous eruption of religiosity." But why are they so threatened by prayer?

Miss America winner Nina Davuluri.
I'm Glad Miss America Is Indian-American

Some people got upset when Nina Davuluri won the Miss America crown. What's the problem?

9:30AM EDT 9/19/2013
6:00AM EDT 9/19/2013
Judge Rules Man Can Hand Out Bibles at Gay Pride Festival

An appeals court in Minnesota has ruled that a Christian man can continue to freely distribute Bibles at a gay pride festival.

10:30AM EDT 9/19/2013
Kirk Cameron Film Explores Age-Old Question of Good and Evil Christian NFL Player Who Walked Away: 'I Wasn't Living Right'
Joel C. Rosenberg: Signs Pointing to Israel-Iran War Who Are the Televangelists Abusing the 'Day of Atonement?'
'Messiah' Fine as First Name for Baby Boy, Tenn. Judge Rules Christian Leaders Urge Churches to Back Syria Peace Plan
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