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Friday, August 30, 2013
Please Don't Fake the Anointing!

Many Christians today can't distinguish between the sweat of the flesh and the dew of heaven. J. Lee Grady explains.

Soldiers and chaplain
Military Guide Lumps Christians, Jews with 'Extremists'

Any involvement with extremist factions has been labeled as "incompatible with military service." Find out what that means for military personnel.

10:00AM EDT 8/29/2013
Saeed Abedini
Iranian Regime Intensifies Crackdown on Christians

Find out what events that continue a pattern of egregious violations of fundamental rights and freedoms in Iran have alarmed International Christian Concern.

Art Tally
Is the Emergent Church as Dangerous to Christianity as Islam?

Christian conservatives who think Satan is using communism and Islam to bring down America can add a new "adversary" to the list: the Emergent Church movement.

1:00PM EDT 8/29/2013
9:00AM EDT 8/29/2013
Thessalonika Arzo-Embry
Kid Genius to Graduate College at 14, Credits God

A follower of Bill Winston Ministries, teen Thessalonika Embry is preparing for graduate school. Find out why she believes her faith and family support are the keys to her academic success.

2:00PM EDT 8/29/2013
Why Miley Cyrus Needs the Love of Christ We Can't Give Up on Freeing Persecuted Pastor Saeed Abedini
How We Can Spread the Gospel Amid America's Spiritual Whiteout American Atheists Leader Wins Fight for 'ATHE1ST' License Plate
A Troubling Call From Syria Despite Death Threats, Blasphemy Charges, Youngren Gospel Festival Reaches Thousands
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