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Friday, July 19, 2013
R.C. Sproul, False Prophecies and the Word of God

Dr. R.C. Sproul says he was "deeply immersed" in charismatic circles in the 1960s but that after 40 or 50 false prophecies decided the spirit of prophecy is not for today. Dr. Michael Brown corrects that reasoning with the Word of God.

Zombies, Vampires: Dark Themes Invade Christian Homes

Vampires and zombies abound in today's media. What are the dangers? What does it point to? What is the bright side of this fascination with the supernatural? Find out in this in-depth article.

4:30PM EDT 7/18/2013
Alveda King Cries Foul Over Image of MLK Wearing Hoodie

Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, Alveda King, is crying, "Foul, shame on you," to the media moguls and civil rights legends who want to stir up a controversy where there is none. And the photo of MLK with the hoodie is part of the problem.

Jimmy Carter: Zimmerman Acquittal Correct

The former president, known for his liberal stance, may have shocked some with his comments about the Sanford, Fla., case. Find out what he said.

8:00AM EDT 7/18/2013
1:00PM EDT 7/18/2013
Queen Elizabeth Gives 'Royal Assent' to Same-Sex Marriage Bill

England and Wales became the 16th and 17th countries in the world to recognize gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave "royal assent" to a same-sex marriage bill. Is America next?

7:00AM EDT 7/18/2013
Protestant Denomination Embraces Gnosticism, Sexual Liberalism, Transgenderism Teen Locked in Room for 3 Months, Defies Witchdoctor
After Zimmerman Verdict, Christians Must Stand Their Ground Christian Rocker Janie Chu Battles Sex Trafficking With Music
Hobby Lobby's Hearing an 'Even Greater Milestone' in Abortion-Pill Challenge Ex-Gosnell Abortion Worker Finds Jesus, Turning Pro-Life
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