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Friday, July 5, 2013
The Christian Influence Behind the Declaration of Independence

Bishop Joseph Mattera says that unless America is restored to its Christian heritage, the Declaration's legacy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be lost.

7-Year-Old Says Jesus Told Her She Will Preach to Children in Africa

The Church of God World Missions Marcelly's Dream project has seen a groundswell of support. Find out more about this evangelistic project.

5:00PM EDT 7/4/2013
Pro-Life Bill Protects the Most Vulnerable

The American public overwhelmingly believes late-term abortion procedures should be banned. A bill heading to the Senate would help save babies and bring other Kermit Gosnells to justice.

What Health Habits Are You Practicing?

You might think only athletes or musicians practice, but you practice too. Think about your daily health habits. Every time you do them, you are getting better at them.

1:00PM EDT 7/4/2013
11:00AM EDT 7/4/2013
Rabbi Norman Lamm Resigns Amid Sex-Abuse Scandal

The chancellor and head of the seminary at Yeshiva University, the flagship U.S. school for Orthodox Judaism, resigned his posts after admitting to mishandling sex-abuse allegations.

3:00PM EDT 7/4/2013
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