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Friday, March 1, 2013
When You Find Out You Married Your Sister

Michael Brown explores the tragic consequences to the breakdown of the family in our generation, which can produce not just fatherless kids, but married couples with the same biological father.

Winans Family Member to Serve 14 Years for $8M Ponzi Scheme

Michael Winans Jr., of the prominent gospel-singing Winans family, was sentenced this week to nearly 14 years in prison for an $8 million Ponzi scheme carried out in Christian churches.

4:30PM EST 2/28/2013
'The Bible' Miniseries Is Labor of Love for Hollywood Couple

As they approach their sixth wedding anniversary, two Hollywood heavyweights are sharing their faith in a 10-hour docudrama that's generating big buzz in Christian circles.

Religious Comments Not Hate Speech, Canada's Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court of Canada released a unanimous decision in a case that challenged the right to expression of religious comment, however controversial and unpopular, in public policy dialogue.

9:00AM EST 2/28/2013
12:00PM EST 2/28/2013
Are Same-Sex Marriage Laws Inevitable?

Will the Supreme Court Adopt a Roe v. Wade approach to marriage? What would America look like, then 40 years from now?

6:00AM EST 2/28/2013
House Gives Final OK to Bipartisan Domestic Abuse Bill
Church Battles Double-Standard Sign Regulations
AME Church Celebrates Rosa Parks Statue at Capitol
Battle for Late-Term Abortion Ban Heats Up in Arkansas
Homicide Suspected in Death of Gay Mississippi Mayor Candidate
Pro-Family Advocate Speaks Out Against Maryland Gender Identity Bill
House Considers Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe, Middle East
Worldwide Prayer Weekend Sends Shockwave Through Persecuted Church
Pope Benedict Pledges Obedience to Successor
Pope Benedict Defends Choice to Resign in Last Public Address
What Pope Benedict XVI Shares With His Notorious Namesake
Christians Grow Anxious in '100 Percent' Islamic Sudan
Indian Apostolic Leader R. Joseph Skinner Passes Away
Russian Messianic Church Spreads Gospel in Israel
When Is It Time to Leave a Church?
Sarah Palin Tells DC to 'Cut the Drama'
Billy Graham: Real Hope Starts With Prayer
Documentary Airs to Mark Anniversary of Trayvon Martin Shooting
'Abortion Pill' Bill Gets Indiana Senate Nod
Obama Undermines Marriage and Family With Brief on DOMA
Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks
Wider Legal Rights at Stake in US Gay Marriage Cases
In Valentine Vote, Illinois Senate Approves Gay Marriage
In Rebuttal to Obama, Rubio Tries to Soften Republicans' Tone
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