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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Prophetic Intercessors, Don't Give Up on the Great Awakening!
By Julie Meyer
praying woman God is stirring His people to pray. God is raising up houses of prayer, prayer movements and ministries who realize the great need for prayer and for having foundations of intercession firmly established before ministry takes place.

People are bowing their knee in reverence to our Holy God, believing that He gives more when we simply ask. God set it up that way—that we would be co-laborers with Him, joining Jesus the Great Intercessor. We are simply to ask—knowing that God is listening and answering our simple prayers (Is. 64:4).

The revivalists of old were men and women given to prayer. Before a word was preached, the heavens were stormed with prayers and petitions asking God to come, to act and to move. We are now entering a new era—for never before in history has God moved on the hearts of people worldwide with such an invitation to intercession.

Across the nations of the earth, men and women, young and old, are giving their lives as a fragrance before the Lord in day and night prayer. Houses of prayer, prayer movements and praying churches are arising worldwide with the revelation that God moves when His people simply ask. 

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