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Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Prophetic Word: A Fresh Pulse Is Coming
By R. Loren Sandford
pulse monitor Most revivals seem to happen as "suddenlies" when a group of people find themselves ambushed by an overpowering outbreak of the Spirit. While we will continue to see pockets of this in coming days, the broader thing I sense coming is probably not a "suddenly" but more of a gradual rising of ground water that finally overflows, or a settling much deeper into the Father's heart in Jesus over a period of time.

As such, it will ultimately be more powerful and more lasting, although less sensational in its outward manifestations. If we are absorbed in praying for the "suddenly," longing for the old manifestations and in trying to make revival happen, we may miss what God chooses to pour out. Seldom is that a repeat of something old. God does love "new wine," and I will take Him in whatever flavor He chooses to send, now or in the future. Meanwhile, I can feel that groundwater rising.

For many of us, this will necessitate a refocus of faith and spiritual hunger. In two of my books I've stated that if you focus on being supernatural you will end up in shipwreck, but that if you focus on intimacy with the Father you will end up being supernatural. You can seek an experience and find delusion, or you can seek intimate relationship with the living God and find an experience.

This calls for a simplicity we too often seem to have lost. Unless you become as a child in simple receptive innocence you cannot enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:3). read more
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