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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Prophets, Shake the Dust Off Your Feet
By Jennifer LeClaire
shaking the dust off your feet "Shake the dust off your feet." I wasn't really surprised when I heard the Holy Spirit say those six words-but when I read the Scripture in context, it sent me into intercession for the ones who rejected the word of the Lord.

The sad story begins in a local church where I was serving on the pastoral staff. The church's works were good, reaching out to the poor with food, clothing and shelter. The pastor's sermons were not theologically deep, but they were biblically sound.

Indeed, from the outside looking in, it looked like an up-and-coming church that was really being the church. It was a breath of fresh air. Soon enough, I discerned spirit of compromise invading the hearts of leadership. Decision after decision was made to please man rather than please God. I knew these man-pleasing decisions would eventually erode the truth of the gospel in that local body. I just didn't realize it would be so soon.

The Sin of Compromise

Over the course of a year, I gently but directly pointed out areas of compromise. The senior pastor tolerated a woman with a spirit of Jezebel wreaking havoc in the church. He frequently attended "rock star" megachurch conferences and brought the seeker-friendly principles he learned back to the congregation. He refused to confront sin of all sorts, from adultery to homosexuality and beyond. Over the course of a year, my prophetic words of warning were pooh-poohed time and time again. read more
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Did Nigerian Pastor's Prophecy Predict Malaysian Airliner Disappearance?

African television outlet Emmanuel TV is claiming that its founder, Nigerian pastor T.B. Joshua, prophesied the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in a sermon last year.

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Disturbing Entertainment Can Give Demons 'Permission' to Haunt, Says Pat Robertson

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson said on Tuesday that watching X-rated movies or horror series can give demons "permission" to haunt the viewer.

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A Spiritual Son Remembers Steve Hill

Today the earth feels significantly lighter as one of God's generals, who carried such spiritual weight has exited this life and entered the next.

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Steve Hill: You Can't Have It

Steve Hill lived every day of his life for eternity. It's truly fitting to post this poignant and classic Steve Hill article this week as we celebrate his homegoing. 

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Steve Hill: You Can't Have It WATCH: What the Late Evangelist Steve Hill Said About True Revival
Reflecting on My Time With Steve Hill
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