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Tuesday, February 4, 2014
A Fresh Move of the Spirit and a Warning
By R. Loren Sandford
R. Loren Sandford We are coming into the time of a new outpouring of the Spirit. This will not be a reliving of past revivals, nor a continuation of the movements of recent decades. It will be different in ways that would be difficult to explain apart from the actual experience of it.

I can say only that a fresh newness is coming to us who can receive it and that it will be more rooted in the Father's heart and the character of Jesus than any that have come before.

Be aware, however, that historically whenever there has been a fresh move of the Spirit, opposition has erupted. It comes in two forms. The first comes from those who don't really want the Spirit to move, who can't handle the mess it makes or who find their theology threatened by it. It would seem that the spirit of religion cannot allow for anything to occur that human beings cannot control or understand.

I learned long ago that one person's order and decency are another person's boredom and death and that not everyone will be comfortable with the freedom revival brings. Hidden in what might outwardly appear to be chaos may be a well-established order and set of protocols.

On the other hand, beneath an outwardly reserved appearance, someone might be having a deep and powerful experience of God. Let criticism stop, and let us respect one another's natures!

Realize also that it is biblically sound for God to act in ways that are unprecedented and out of the box. read more
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