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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
The Zimmerman Verdict: A Godly Response
By R. Loren Sandford
The verdict in the Zimmerman trial has come down, and the fallout has begun. Where we go from here will have long-term implications for race relations and the unity of the nation.

In that light, I must caution non-African-Americans. Try to understand the lens through which many African-American people see the Zimmerman verdict. Their feelings about the verdict will be filtered through a long history of injustice. For you to rejoice openly in the verdict will only sound racist and will serve to inflame passions by causing irritation to old wounds. The history is real. The wounds are real.

Don't argue the case. Instead, listen compassionately to the hurt delivered by the lingering taint of racism with which our nation still struggles. Nothing can be done now about the verdict, but we can certainly work to bring reconciliation in the wake of it. In fact, this is our commission from Jesus who is Lord of all-Jew, Greek, white, black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American. We must be ministers of reconciliation together, especially now.

White Americans may find themselves wanting to tell their brothers and sisters of color to simply forgive and move on. This too will be perceived as racist. No one who is not black can understand what this people group has been forced to endure for what is now hundreds of years and how much yet lingers in our own time. read more
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