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Tuesday, July 2, 2013
I Am Reordering Your Path So You Can Finish the Race!
By chuck Pierce
The Lord met us so powerfully during worship on Sunday during our celebration service. After a week where we had been focused on explosions-both in Boston and West, Texas-the Spirit of the Lord began to speak about the "race" we are running.

"You Will Cross, and the Victor's Cup Will Be Waiting"

Keith Pierce began prophesying:

"You will cross the finish line. Do not confuse the enemy's resistance with My assistance! The trauma that you have been in has caused you to stop short. Today is a day to take one simple step toward that line, and you will see Me do the rest. Where the enemy has exploded with resistance, I will explode with assistance, and through the equipping of My name, you will cross, and the victor's cup will be waiting. So arise and shake off the confusion, arise and shake off the doubt, 'cause faith will allow you to take the step that will cause the Heavens to shift in a new way."

"My New Move"

Anne Tate had a word regarding movement: "This is a day that I'm causing the movement to shift. I have a new movement that has entered the earth. The sound that is creating this movement is joining the present sound of My troop that is moving in the earth. Juda-worship and apostolic leadership in My present congregations-will begin to move as I am moving. If not, the enemy will establish himself to lessen the authority of My kingdom people in the earth. read more
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