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Tuesday, May 7, 2013
The Boston Bombing-Coming to Your Neighborhood?
By Rick Joyner
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Will we learn from it, or will it be repeated over and over? If we do not learn from this one in Boston, we can be sure we will get a chance to see it again and again and again-and probably near us.

For years now, our own federal government has been implementing policies that are making America increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Without those policies, the Boston Marathon bombers almost certainly would have been stopped before they could have carried out their attack, just as the Fort Hood terrorist would have been stopped. Those responsible for the madness of these policies, and therefore responsible for the blood of these victims, are now in the most critical positions in our government, including:

Federal law requires that those who accept positions of responsibility for our defense and safety be competent. At best, what is being given to the American people is an unprecedented incompetence in defending our country and our people. If it is not incompetence, then it is treason.

There is a growing mountain of evidence that we are being made vulnerable intentionally, but here, I will just focus on what is being done to us rather than why. First, let's look at the most basic takeaways that should be seen clearly after the Boston Marathon bombing.

These bombs were not the work of novices. read more
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