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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Deliverance From the Idolatry of Emotions
By R. Loren Sandford
We live in a time when most people in our culture don't think. Instead, they "feel," and they believe that what they feel is truth. Most of what we see on television (both news and entertainment) and read in magazines, on blogs and in books is crafted to generate an emotional response and, in feeling it, to accept the feeling as truth. Critical thinking-objectively identifying what is right and differentiating that from mere visceral, emotional responses-is simply bypassed. This affects moral judgment, leaving us susceptible to moral compromise when such compromise "feels" right to us as a result of the constant conditioning we've experienced or when it promises some kind of reward. 

This idolatry of emotions renders us vulnerable to believing any lie we're told, as long as the liar can make us feel something, be it excitement, anger, outrage, self-importance or even love. In the political world, for instance, the party that can best inspire emotion in the electorate prevails, regardless of the logic of the issues (or lack of it). In the church, morals and standards of righteousness have fallen into a wholesale state of deterioration because the idolatry of feelings tells us that what feels right is right, regardless of the clear teaching of God's Word.  read more
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