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Marcus Yoars
Editor, Charisma
Charisma Magazine Newsletter
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Friday, December 7, 2012
Why Revival is Exploding Among Muslims

Thousands of Muslims are converting to Christianity after reportedly encountering Jesus in dreams or visions. Find out why this global phenomenon is happening.

Ray Comfort Produces Chilling John Lennon Film

Ray Comfort, the producer of the film 180, has made a movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon. Genius also asks people if they would murder for money—and their answers will shock you.

3:00PM EST 12/6/2012
How to Tell if Your Dream is Really From God

Not all spiritual dreams are from God. Sometimes they are your subconscious or demonic influences. So how can you discern whether a dream is from God? We tell you. 

Luck: Men, Leave Fantasy Island

Instead of viewing pornography or chasing extramarital sex, Kenny Luck urges men to seek godly counsel and spiritual direction.

9:30AM EST 12/7/2012
4:00PM EST 12/6/2012
Standing With Israel
IDF: 60 Years of Service and Counting

Israel Defense Forces hit a milestone this week and celebrated the memory of its fallen soldiers.

4:00PM EST 12/6/2012
Stephen Baldwin Charged With Felony Tax Evasion
'Jesus' Leaves Arkansas, Bibles Go With Him
Trayvon Martin's Killer Sues NBC Over Racist 'Myth'
CfaN Evangelist Shows Readers How to Find Their Calling in New Book
ORU's Mark Rutland to Join Preaching Team at Jentezen Franklin's Church
Pastor Mark Driscoll Explores Issues of Indentity in New Book
Is the End Near? Wycliffe Reports 2,000-Plus Bible Translation Projects Underway
Uzbek Pastor Released From Kazakhstan Prison, Reunited With Family
Kazakhstan Violates Christians' Religious Freedom
Islam Employs Fear as Terror Tactic
'Simpsons' Episode Shows God Taking Orders From the Devil
Ray Comfort Produces Chilling John Lennon Film
Will Conservative Values Matter on Judgment Day?
Murder, Suicide, and the NFL Plays On
My Tribute to Zig Ziglar, Whose Book Changed the Direction of My Life
10 Stupid Things Ministers Should Never Do
I’m Outraged Over Photographed Subway Death
Why Is the United Nations Foundation Bashing Pro-Life Advocates?
Sen. Jim DeMint Resigns to Run Conservative Group
White House, Congress Talk as 'Fiscal Cliff' Nears
Rick Warren: Obamacare Mandate 'Dead Wrong'
Obama, Romney to Meet at White House Thursday
Can Hillary Clinton Bring Peace to the Middle East?
Romney: Obama Won With 'Gifts' to Certain Voters
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