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Prophetic Insight from Charisma
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Author photoConnecting the Prophetic Dots of Your Destiny

By Jennifer LeClaire

When God first called me into prophetic ministry, I couldn’t see the forest for the proverbial trees. In fact, I didn’t even get it.

The Holy Spirit was dropping prophetic puzzle pieces along my path, but since I didn’t have any real understanding of modern-day prophetic ministry at the time, I continued to walk around as if I was clueless.

Soon, I began to see a running theme in my dealings with the Lord. He was showing me through books I was reading the earmarks of my calling. I was still unsure and didn’t mention it to anyone.

Within months, someone prophesied over me in a prayer line, proclaiming that I was a "voice of governing authority." I had no earthly idea what that meant. So I went home and researched each word in the Bible and the dictionary.


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