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Tuesday, August 12, 2014
7 Reasons the AG's Centennial Celebration Inspired My Heart
The Assemblies of God offices in Springfield, MissouriThe Assemblies of God offices in Springfield, Missouri
General Superintendent George Wood said the goal of the Assemblies of God Centennial in Springfield, Missouri, last week was to be a celebration, a revival and to establish a strong vision for missions for the Fellowship for the next 100 years.

For me it was all this and more. The conference's speakers, from around the world including a pastor from Iraq, inspired me. The worship and the altar calls touched me. The effective use of multi-media in the services and the attention to detail wowed me. I'll even admit that I enjoyed one evening where they sang the songs I grew up with such as "All Hail The Power of Jesus Name" or Doris Akers' "There's a Sweet Sweet Spirit in this Place," "I'll Fly Away" and many others.

I've written a lot recently online and in print about the Assemblies of God. But after coming home, I wanted to give this short report of seven reasons the AG100 event touched my heart:
  • In a world where secularism seems to be gaining ground and the church seems to be on the retreat, the Assemblies of God continues to grow (a new church begins every 39 minutes) and denomination officials have vision for the future. There even seems to be new life at the headquarters, where the staff seems to have more of an attitude of service and focus on the vision to be the greatest evangelism force the world has ever known.
  • I was particularly impressed by an initiative coming out of the youth department called The Human Right, emphasizing the need not only to fight for "human rights" in the traditional humanitarian sense, but also for the "ultimate human right"—for everyone to hear the gospel.
  • We had a booth and gave out copies of the special anniversary issue we did in August. If you missed that story, you can click here to read it. It is long—over 5000 words. But it gives a Time-magazine type of journalistic look ...
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