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Friday, March 21, 2014
Let's Make the Gospel Go Viral
David DeVore Jr.David DeVore Jr.
When Entrepreneur magazine heard about our new video website,, they interviewed the director, David DeVore, the man who shot the video of his son that went viral as "David After Dentist." So far, that video has been seen 123.4 million times. Earlier this month on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Joseph Gordon-Levitt re-enacted what Entrepreneur called "David's loopy soliloquy."

The magazine's headline loudly shouted, "'David After Dentist' Dad Now Wants Christianity to Go Viral."

It's true. The goal of the site is like its tagline: "Like the gospel, things you should share."

Hundreds of millions of people exercise the power of sharing each day online by passing along yet another inane grumpy cat meme or music video parody. But what if what was being shared could instead lead people closer to God?

Now we need your help to make this site go viral by going to the site and sharing it with your friends.

Launched this week by our company, Charisma Media, the site features a daily stream of videos, images and memes that are not only funny, but also inspirational, encouraging, worshipful and even evangelistic. With 7 out of 10 adult Internet users engaging daily with a video-sharing website and 500 million photos shared each day, videos and photos have quickly become the dominant online vehicles for user engagement. will serve this rapidly growing audience with content that's intentionally uplifting and always shareable-everything from awkward church signs to inspirational testimonies to hilarious conversations with children.

"Humor is part of the heart of God, and whether it's a funny video or picture, our natural instinct is to share it with others," DeVore says. "I think that's why we're seeing such ...

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