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Friday, November 15, 2013
Hayford, Morris Help the King's University Vision Thrive
Ribbon cuttingThe ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new King's University campus included Pastor Robert Morris (fifth from r) and Pastor Jack Hayford (fourth from r).
In 1996, Pastor Jack Hayford felt the Lord say, "Found a seminary." He was 62 years old, and he was widely respected and successful. Yet at a time of life where most men begin slowing down, he took on the gargantuan task of starting a seminary-the only one in the charismatic/Pentecostal community west of Oklahoma.

At the time, he served as the senior editorial adviser for Ministry Today, so I had a close working relationship with him. Working with him has made a huge impact on my life. When he asked me to serve on the founding board of directors for the university, I was honored and have served since 1997.

On Thursday, the King's University officially moved its headquarters from Southern California to Southlake, Texas, and the campus of Gateway Church, pastored by Robert Morris, chairman of the board of trustees for King's.

Pastor Hayford stood in Gateway's former sanctuary—remodeled as a state-of-the-art campus for the university—and reflected that, by starting the seminary in his 60s, he was, in a way, doing something similar to when Abraham fathered a son in his old age. It was a miracle, which meant all the glory goes to God.

In 13 years, Gateway Church has grown to 20,000 members on a $104-million campus on 180 acres and a paid staff of more than 500. It was founded and pastored by Morris, who, like me, has been impacted greatly by Hayford.

In addition to the board meeting Thursday, a ribbon cutting and dedication of the new King's campus was held. Worth more than $10 million, Gateway put another $6.8 million into its remodeling. I had never been there, and I was blown away.

Many dignitaries and friends of the King's University attended. It was a happy, joyous occasion as a new vision was birthed. From the Texas administrative hub, there will be satellite campuses around the nation, mostly on megachurch campuses. There are already 10 campuses—either teaching sites or ...

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