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The Strang Report
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Friday, June 28, 2013
Give Me Your Input on My Newsletter
Our Internet traffic continues to grow at an exponential rate. For example, last month our app received 2.7 million page views, and our website traffic is up more than 300 percent over last year.

As we come to the midyear point, I did an analysis and found an area that is not growing is our opt-ins to receive our newsletters, including my own Strang Report. I realize, for example, that when the newsletters are listed as "The Strang Report: Commentary From the Founder of Charisma Magazine," that's not particularly descriptive or appealing unless people just happen to know me. So, I'm thinking of changing the name and the focus.

Last week, I posed some questions about the Strang Report on my Steve Strang public page on Facebook and got a lot of very interesting answers. So, while I normally try to write about matters of culture and significant events going on in the world, I decided this time to ask for feedback on how I can improve my own newsletter and also increase the number of readers beyond the 30,000 that it's currently at.

I tend to write about topics ranging from controversial subjects to sharing a need and asking you to support it, such as I did recently with the tornadoes in Oklahoma and raising money for the survivors at Sandy Hook. Some of the newsletters that are the most read are when I write about TBN or Benny Hinn...

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