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Friday, January 4, 2013
New Year, New Growth for a Healthier You
How we’re expanding in new ways to better serve you this year

The new year prompts us to consider new beginnings. That’s when we make New Year’s resolutions that are broken all too soon. Yet as Christians, we should always be striving to become all we can be in Christ—that’s what spiritual growth and being a disciple of Jesus are all about.

So when we turned our sights to covering health this month in Charisma, we decided to do more than just focus on physical health issues such as making dieting a New Year’s resolution. Our articles cover God’s perspective of health, which includes body, soul and spirit. It’s an interesting mix featuring some poignant stories on dealing with an elderly parent’s dementia and a father’s perspective on why God doesn’t heal his special needs son. In her typical tell-it-like-it-is style, Joyce Meyer addresses our daily battle with negative emotions, while Jentezen Franklin challenges us to make fasting more than just an annual event.

At Charisma Media we’re committed to health. We believe God heals supernaturally, but that Christians also have a responsibility to care for our “temples.” That’s why we’ve pioneered in the field of health from a Spirit-filled perspective with our Siloam line of books that have sold millions of copies in the last 15 years and made the imprint the leader in that segment of the Christian book-selling industry. read more
Fire in My Bones
A Word for 2013: Cry Out for a Youth Awakening
Please don’t judge—pray instead. God can orchestrate a miraculous turnaround in our nation.

What is God saying as we enter 2013? Many Christians have a gloomy outlook.
11:01AM EST 1/2/2013
Spiritual Warfare
How to Rid Yourself of Religious Spirits
How to recognize and get rid of religious spirits in your life

A family once brought a woman to our church on Steele Street and Blue Avenue in Jacksonville, Fla., who needed deliverance.
How to Interpret Dreams and Visions
Is God speaking to you in the night? Here’s how you can make sense of these often cryptic messages.
8:00AM EST 12/28/2012
4:36PM EST 1/2/2013
Power Up!
Why You Should Be Ready for Change That Brings a God-Sized Future
Dr. Vance Havner was a traveling preacher whose straight talk, laced with humor, would often empty a church rather than fill it.
12:00AM EST 12/31/2012
Texas Megachurch Co-Pastor Loses Cancer Battle
Calif. Ban on Conversion Therapy Sees New Court Challenge
Mina Paille Passes Away at 88
Illinois Lawmakers Consider Approving Same-Sex Marriage
National Prayer Service to Mark 40 Years of Legalized Abortion
Appeals Court Halts Obamacare Enforcement for Ill. Company
Chinese Christians Use Internet to Share Faith, Discuss Persecution
Christians 'On Top of the World' Facing Persecution
Death Toll From Stampede at Pentecostal Church Event Rises to 16
Persecution Against Christians in Iran Heats Up With Re-arrest of Nadarkhani
Catholic Church Closes London's Gay-Friendly 'Soho Masses'
Woman's Rape, Death Spark Global Conversation on Condition of Indian Women
A Word for 2013: Cry Out for a Youth Awakening
Violent Video Games Training Kids to Be Killers
Fiscal Cliff Deal Penalizes Marriage
Billy Graham: A Fresh Vision for America
A Politically Incorrect Guide to 'Sexual Orientation'
Billy Graham's Prayer for the New Year
House Republicans Balk at 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal
Hours From 'Fiscal Cliff, Washington Still Awaits Deal
Conservative Leaders' Open Letter to House, Senate Republicans
Sen. Jim DeMint Resigns to Run Conservative Group
White House, Congress Talk as 'Fiscal Cliff' Nears
Rick Warren: Obamacare Mandate 'Dead Wrong'
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