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Devotionals for November 17, 2012

God will often make the lives of His prophetic vessels prophetic illustrations of the messages they are called to proclaim. Sometimes God deals with His servants in a way that is hard for us to understand. That is one of the burdens of the prophetic calling. When people's lives are used to illustrate God's point, these message bearers feel God's heart in the matter. The prophet Hosea is one of the best examples of this. God instructed him to embrace and marry a harlot.

All of us can tell whether another person is going to accept us. We can almost feel it. You must have some inkling if you came to see me whether or not I would listen, whether I would care. What I wish is that I could radiate the love of Jesus, that you would feel that I want to be like Him.

The leper knew that if he went to Jesus he would be accepted.

Some people teach that a precondition to becoming a Christian is that you have to do this or that, and only then will Jesus accept you. What we see here is that Jesus accepted the leper just as he was, and lo and behold, the leper believed Jesus could heal him, and Jesus did. Jesus is still the same today. He accepts you as you are.

In fact, we are told in John 8:3-11 that Pharisees, who were a self-righteous, legalistic group of people, brought a woman caught in adultery and said to Jesus, "In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?

Paul said the Spirit of God revealed to him that the blessings of Abraham should come upon the Gentiles. Along with the Jews, the Gentile would also be joint-heirs and partakers of the promise (Ephesians 3:6). Christians today act as if we have to wait to get to heaven to receive the revelation of the promise! The Bible says heaven is where Jesus is, and Jesus is in us as well as among us.

Heaven is available to us today, if we will simply partake of what is rightfully ours as heirs of the promise.

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