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Monday, June 23, 2014
10 Things This Huffington Post Writer Got Wrong About Hell
Hell: separating truth from fiction

On Friday, Jon M. Sweeney (an evangelical-turned-Episcopalian-turned-Catholic who practices Judaism) wrote 10 points on Hell. Well, he got three and a half of them correct, to be precise.

Huge underground ocean discovered
Huge Underground Ocean Discovered Beneath US Could Help Prove Genesis Flood

Researchers have found that underneath the continental U.S., near the core of the earth, lies an underground body of water three times the size of any ocean. "Fountains of the deep?"

12:30PM EDT 6/18/2014
Teresa Shields Parker before and after
Woman Loses 250 Pounds After She Says God Told Her This One Thing

Teresa Shields-Parker lost over 250 pounds when God told her to do this one thing.

Jason Castro
WATCH: American Idol's Jason Castro Explains Switch to Christian Music-And Haircut

"It started to feel a little meaningless. Why am I doing this? To make a name for myself? To make some money? I started to really have a longing to have more God in my life," Castro said.

7:00AM EDT 6/17/2014
10:00AM EDT 6/18/2014
Culture Wars
PCUSA Gay marriage
Bombshell: Presbyterian Church Redefines Marriage

In an unprecedented move, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. denomination has voted to allow their pastors to preside over marriages between people of the same sex in states where it is legal.

6:00PM EDT 6/19/2014
WATCH: High School Graduate Defies School to Talk About His Christian Faith 3 Critical Truths Glenn Beck Missed in His 'Controversial' Solution for America From 2 Peter
13 Jesus Movies: the Good, Bad, Ugly, and Heretical WATCH: James MacDonald's Challenging Answer on How to Know You're Saved
Alabama Court Okays Sodomy This Incredible 60-Year-Old Might Convince You to Eat Paleo
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