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Monday, June 16, 2014
Why Did Hundreds of Christians Fail This Basic Test on the Trinity?
Is the Trinity an important doctrine to you?

How well do you understand the Trinity? Charisma News offered a quiz on just that topic last week, and the results were less than encouraging.

Chantal Gauthier-Vaillancourt
The Heart-Melting Reason This Mother is Having Doctors Remove Her Eye

Chantal Gauthier-Vaillancourt would rather remove her right eye than have an abortion. Here's why.

3:00PM EDT 6/9/2014
Giselle and her mother Tamrah Janulis
2-Year-Old Who Died of Heart Defect Claimed to See Jesus Multiple Times

No one guessed little Giselle had a heart problem until a routine doctor's check-up at seven months. But her short, joy-filled life seemed to end with visions of Jesus and heaven, a comfort to those who loved her most.

Culture Wars
Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen Homosexuality Stance: 'This Is Just Who I Am'

Joel Osteen recognizes that there are people on both sides of the gay marriage issue who may not like his response, but he defended his stance.

6:00AM EDT 6/12/2014
5:00PM EDT 6/13/2014
Second most popular religions in the U.S.
Next to Christianity, What Is Your State's No. 2 Religion?

Knowing that most of the "Christian majority" in America is nominal believers, if America isn't a "Christian nation," what is it? The results are fascinating.

1:00PM EDT 6/9/2014
Is Social Media Fueling the Gender Debate in America? 15 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For
Southern Baptists Criticize 'Heaven Is for Real' For 'Theological Reasons' WATCH: Is Joel Osteen a Prosperity Preacher? His Interesting Answer
Chuck Hagel: Bergdahl Was Not a 'Hostage' This Woman's Random Act of Kindness Went Viral in Real-Life, Twice
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