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Monday, June 9, 2014
6 Shocking Things the Bible Says About Porn

Pornography was not available in Bible times. Nevertheless, the Word of God reveals six specific truths about smut in any form it takes.

Culture Wars
Joel Osteen
WATCH: How Joel Osteen Responded When Asked if Gay Marriage is 'Against the Rules'

"It's easy to take one issue, and to become known for that, or to let it sidetrack your message."

10:00AM EDT 6/3/2014
Justin Bieber devotional Instagram photo
What Made Justin Bieber Instagram His Devotional?

"Man's tendency is to hide from his sin, seeking refuge in the darkness. There he indulges in self-pity, denial, self-righteousness, blaming and hatred. But I am the Light of the world..."

Holy Ghost
WATCH: Darren Wilson Unveils 'Holy Ghost' Trailer That Will Make Your Heart Pound

Darren Wilson has unveiled an exclusive Holy Ghost that will even give the most strident cessationist some goosebumps.

2:00PM EDT 6/5/2014
9:00AM EDT 6/2/2014
Culture Wars
Danny Cortez's son
Southern Baptist Pastor Upsets Church With 'Radical Shift' on Homosexuality After His Son Comes Out

"In August of 2013, on a sunny day at the beach, I realized I no longer believed in the traditional teachings regarding homosexuality."

3:00PM EDT 6/2/2014
The Man in This Selfie Is Standing on Top of Christ the Redeemer… Really 4 Potentially Scary Trends in Christianity According to Ed Stetzer
Hipster HIllsong Pastor Carl Lentz Shirking Calls to Take Stance on Homosexuality If You Aren't Following These Top 21 Ministries, You're Missing Out
Toni Braxton Latest Celeb to Drop Bombshell: 'I Had an Abortion' WATCH: Morgan Freeman's Epic Answer to Question About Race and Income Inequality
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