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Monday, May 5, 2014
10 Things American Christians Eat That Could Be Killing Us
Most sports drinks contain brominated vegetable oil, an ingredient banned in some countries.

The fact is, many of the things Christians eat in the U.S. have been banned in other countries because they are viewed as dangerous to health. Here are 10 things you may want to avoid.

'Heaven Is for Real'
You Won't Believe These Complaints About 'Heaven Is for Real'

Movieguide is calling out three criticisms of Heaven Is for Real. Do the arguments against the film hold water?

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1:00PM EDT 4/28/2014
Niceness in the church
The Idolatry of "Nice"

Affirmation and niceness (in the name of not being divisive and sustaining Christian charity) have become idols which displace truth. Little children, we are not keeping ourselves from them.

Glenn Beck at Liberty University
WATCH: What is Glenn Beck's Gospel? See His Liberty University Speech

As Liberty University students gathered for convocation, an emotional and forthright Glenn Beck (of radio and television fame) urged them to decide who they will serve: Christ or themselves.

2:30PM EDT 5/1/2014
11:00AM EDT 4/29/2014
Orlando Magic owner Richard DeVos
Will Orlando Magic Owner Rich DeVos Be the Next Kicked Out of the NBA?

Are we moving to a society where you can be fired for your personal views - wildly reprehensible as they may be? It appears the left may be showing their cards already.

10:30AM EDT 5/1/2014
Will Sparks Fly When Politicians Meet Prayer Warriors in Washington? How Easy Is It to Share the Gospel in Saudi Arabia? You'll Be Surprised
21-Year-Old Dies to Save Girlfriend From Alabama Tornado Really, Rand Paul?
Worship, Meet Irish Folk: How Rend Collective is Revolutionizing Christian Music Has the Church Divorced Faith From Public Life?
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