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Monday, April 28, 2014
Can You Guess the One Word That's Banned From Disney Movies?
Is Disney anti-God?

There's an unspoken rule that seems to now govern Disney flicks, even though the company has pushed in the line in other areas. Can you guess what it is?

Willie Myrick
This Kidnapper Was No Match for the Gospel-Singing Child He Abducted

Willie Myrick was kidnapped from his Atlanta driveway earlier this month by an unknown man. You won't believe how he broke free.

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12:30PM EDT 4/21/2014
Hipster Jesus?
8 Reasons Millennials Are Leaving the Church (Hint: It's Not Conversatives' Fault)

You've heard it before: Christians are bigots, anti-gay, hypocrites, etc. Are those things what are really drawing young people away, or are there much bigger factors at work?

4 myths about death, dying, and mortality
Bye-Bye Easter: 4 Lies About Death That Live On

Death is not a natural part of life. It is not just a stop along the road; it's mankind's biggest enemy. And until Christians understand that, the resurrection of Jesus won't quite make sense.

4:00PM EDT 4/23/2014
3:00PM EDT 4/22/2014
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9:00AM EDT 4/25/2014
WATCH: Remember the Time Steven Colbert Stood Up for Jesus's Divinity? Neither Did We Atheist's Temper Tantrum Sacks Christian Football Coach
No, Rick Warren Didn't Just Predict the Second Coming Through Blood Moon Photo You Have to Read Saeed Abedini's Convicting Easter Note
'If You Haven't Lost Your Virginity at 11 ... Something's Wrong With You': Film Unveils Sex Trafficking at World Cup 3 Keys to Boosting Your Energy Right Now
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