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Friday, August 1, 2014
7 Compliments Every Husband Should Speak Out Loud to His Wife
Husband compliments wife

Is your wife confident in herself? Have you been sowing kind, affirming words into her life?

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Flowers and date night
7 Awesome Ways to Surprise Your Wife in 7 Days

You and your marriage might need these 7 tips more than you think. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

4:00PM EDT 7/28/2014
There are several creative ways to flirt with your spouse. What do you do?
8 Creative Ways to Flirt With Your Spouse

Has the romantic spice left your marriage? Here are some fun and creative ways to get it back.

man on computer
'Porn Is Not Manly,' Says 'Marriage Rebranded' Author

A marriage writer argues that porn is not manly, even though conquering a woman on-screen may make men feel that way in their minds.

4:00PM EDT 7/29/2014
4:00PM EDT 7/25/2014
Do you have one true friend that can keep you accountable for your words and actions?
5 Cs to Move From the Red Zone to the End Zone

Do you have someone who will 'get under the rock' with you on the deep issues of life? 

4:00PM EDT 7/31/2014
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