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Friday, June 13, 2014
10 Things to Do For Your Wife Every Year
Do you do these things regularly for your wife?

Are you intentional about your marriage? Here are some ways you can do that and make your marriage stronger.

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Do you need to make shifts in your personal relationships?
Holy Shift: Do You Need to Make One?

If you're struggling with life, a few changes may be in order. Do you need to make changes in your relationships, especially with the One who created you?

4:00PM EDT 6/6/2014
How is your relationship with your earthly father?
No Matter How Difficult, Resolve to Honor Your Father

Are you estranged from your earthly father? Do you have a story similar to this one that could serve as a blessing to someone else?

How would you assess your communication with your family?
How to Avoid a Family Cold War

Here are 10 relational suggestions that can help you and your family sidestep any chaos that might arise.

4:00PM EDT 6/12/2014
4:00PM EDT 6/9/2014
Has your busyness hurt your family life?
Why Busyness is Not a Badge of Honor

Is the fact that your schedule is full at all times a source of pride for you? But, how harmful is that to you and your family life?

4:00PM EDT 6/10/2014
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