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Friday, May 9, 2014
7 Things for Which to Thank Your Wife
Man and wife

Have you thanked your wife lately for the wonderful things she has done for you and for your family?

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Angry wife
What Happens When You Don't Listen to Your Wife?

Whether your wife is sharing her deepest secrets or simply venting to you about her day, not listening to her when she talks can have several consequences. Read about some of them.

4:00PM EDT 5/5/2014
Are you willing to make sacrifices for your children?
Taking the Hit for Your Children

Are you ready and willing to pay the price to secure blessings for your children?

Block starters
Life Lessons: The Starting Blocks of Manhood

What was the job that established your work ethic? What would you consider the starting block of your manhood?

4:00PM EDT 5/6/2014
4:00PM EDT 5/2/2014
What do you have planned for your mother or grandmother this Mother's Day?
4 Meaningful Ways to Honor Your Mother on Mother's Day

How do you plan to honor your mother this Sunday on Mother's Day? Have you cooked up something special?

4:00PM EDT 5/8/2014
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