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Friday, November 29, 2013
10 Characteristics of a Man of Integrity
Do you have an accountability partner?

What do you do when nobody is looking? Are you the same person when someone is?

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Have you had the opportunity to disciple a younger man?
Patrick Morley: A Plea to Disciple Younger Men

Want to make a difference in a young man's life? Man in the Mirror's Patrick Morley explains how.

12:00PM EST 11/22/2013
Do you apply what you hear from God's Word?
Are You a Hearer Only or a Doer?

As a believer, do you put into practice what you hear and read, or do you simply ignore it and go about your merry way?

Kenny Luck
Helping the Unmarried Man

Find out how a clear vision of the faithful Creator combined with purposeful service and ministry for Him provides meaning, connection and intimacy.

12:00PM EST 11/26/2013
12:00PM EST 11/27/2013
The spirit of python by jentezen franklin
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