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Friday, November 15, 2013
3 Ways to Get to the Root of Anger
Father and son

Do you ever wonder why you get so angry sometimes? Here's how to get to the root--and chop it off.

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How to Disarm the Profanity Sting

According to Scripture, words reflect what is in your heart. Does it point to major insecurity?

12:00PM EST 11/14/2013
How engaged are you as a father?
Getting More Involved as a Dad Brings Change

When fathers become more engaged, it often leads to significant breakthrough. Find out how.

Father scolding son
Never Discipline Whom You've Not Discipled

Chastising a child for doing something before teaching them it is wrong is not only counterproductive, but backwards thinking. Find out why discipleship is crucial.

12:00PM EST 11/13/2013
12:00PM EST 11/11/2013
Are you allowing anything to hold you back from achieving your goals?
5 Ways a Man Can Build Resolution

What resolutions are holding you back? What are some areas at your work and in your marriage or family that need attention?

12:00PM EST 11/8/2013
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