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Friday, August 30, 2013
5 Ways You Should Never Talk to Your Wife
Couple arguing

Here are some strategies that men should avoid when talking with their spouses.

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Man and woman
The 5 Big Needs of a Husband

Ladies, find out what's important to your husband in your relationship. Men, find out what you can do to help her meet those needs.

12:00PM EDT 8/26/2013
Do you handle potential relationships God's way?
2 Dating Truths for God's Man

How do you handle potential relationships--your way or God's way? Here's how to handle them God's way.

Dad family time
For Fathers, Being a Role Model is a 24/7/365 Job

How have you seen your character--or your mistakes--copied by your children?

12:00PM EDT 8/27/2013
12:00PM EDT 8/28/2013
Intentional dad
How Not to Miss the Moments With Your Kids

Are you an intentional dad, or are you one of those who, years from now, will regret having not having made any memories with your children?

12:00PM EDT 8/29/2013
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