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Friday, February 15, 2013
Men: Date Your Wives
While there is not a biblical mandate to have a date night every week with your spouse, there is the command to love your wife as Christ loved you (Eph. 5:25).

And how did He love us? read more
Consider the 5Ws and 1H of Men’s Small Groups
Who should be in a men's small group? Men who are earnestly seeking to develop a closer walk with the Lord, and to discern His will for their lives.
12:00PM EST 2/14/2013
10 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Wonderful for Your Wife
February 14th is here; there’s no way we can avoid it, and if we’re not careful, the event may well trip us up again. Therefore, All Pro Dads might as well use the opportunity to do the following:
A Man's Guide to Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Secret: Guys, "Last minute" says "not that important." She will probably never say that—maybe never even think it exactly that way.
9:00AM EST 2/14/2013
4:00PM EST 2/13/2013
Kenny Luck: God Trains You Through Trauma
Part I

The second way that God teaches us, or instructs us to number our days, is that he trains us through trauma. In other words, God teaches us through traumatic events in our lives.
12:00PM EST 2/13/2013
Louisiana Church Reaps Unexpected Harvest on Rwanda Seed
Legal Pot: Marijuana-Friendly Laws Threat to Kids?
God Transforms Drug-Abusing 'Goth' Into AG Pastor
American Airlines, US Airways Unveil $11 Billion Merger
Court Dismisses ACLU Challenge to Ten Commandments Monument
AG Tackles Sex Trafficking at Super Bowl Outreach
Pope Urging Church Leaders to Put Aside Rivalries
Algerian Court Fines Christian for Proselytizing
Christian Persecutor Boko Haram Calls Truce, With Conditions
'Blade Runner' Pistorius Charged With Murdering Girlfriend
Ghana Archbishop: African Pope Would Be "Quite Some Miracle"
Leading Dissident Priest Slams Covert Pope Selection Process
Urgent Call to Prayer for Release of Imprisoned Iraq Pastor Near Death
Westboro Baptist: When Spiritual Abuse Brainwashes the Saints
Benedict XVI: A Tough Act To Follow
Tony Perkins: Throwing Money at America's Problems Hasn't Worked
Is It Time for Biblical Conservatives to Throw in the Towel?
The Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI
In Rebuttal to Obama, Rubio Tries to Soften Republicans' Tone
Sen. Rubio's Remarks in Response to Obama's Speech
Obama Urges Congress to Make Government Work for 'the Many'
Obama's State of the Union Speech
US Evangelicals Demonstrate Support for Immigration Reform
Obama Nominates Openly Gay Lawyer for Patent Appeals Court
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