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Friday, February 8, 2013
Divorced Dads: Expect Erratic Behavior From Your Kids
If you’re a recently divorced dad, be prepared to see a side of your kids you’ve never seen before. Kids who have been through a divorce often act in certain ways. read more
Some Things You Simply Can’t Leave Behind
There are things in life that you can’t leave behind. You can’t travel overseas without a passport.

There are good reasons for this.
12:00PM EST 2/7/2013
We Must Transfer Our Trust to Jesus Christ
In January 1980, three men had been skiing in Breckenridge, Col. They took off from the Breckenridge airport in the late afternoon in a light plane.
Since Life is So Futile, Should I Believe God Cares?
It is best to call things plainly as they are. Many of the basic claims of Christianity are not only the most difficult to explain, but also the most embarrassing.
9:00AM EST 2/7/2013
4:00PM EST 2/6/2013
Swimming in the Deep End Takes Courage
From the mid-1930s to the late 1940s, C.S. Lewis met with a group of literary friends every Tuesday and Thursday in an Oxford pub to enjoy good beer and good conversation.
12:00PM EST 2/6/2013
Daniel Fast Gaining Popularity During Lent
Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to Make Gun Permit Records Private
Russian Adoption Ban Propels Local Church Involvement in Orphan Care
Liquid Church Members Spend 66,000 Hours on 40-Day Bible Reading Marathon
Gunman Who Shot FRC Guard Pleads Guilty to Terrorism
US High Court Stays Out of Obama Recess Appointment Issue
19 Christian Children Rescued From Radical Islamist Trafficker
Russian Punk Band Members Appeal to European Rights Court
Christians Say North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Is More Oppressive
John Hagee Ministry Leads US Pastors on Holy Land Pilgrimage
Ex-Satanic Russian Hit Man Fights for Peace
Persecuted Pastor's Wife Not Hopeful About Iran Prison Release
Why Traditional Religion Is Threatened by Women in Ministry
Why Beyonce Is Not A Role Model for Today's Youth
The Secret of Becoming a Prophetic Preacher
When Do Christian-Bashers Begin 'Sensitivity Training'?
Gay Leadership Would Threaten Boy Scouts' Future
My Sons Are Boy Scouts ... For Now
Illinois Starts Push to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage by Valentine's Day
Abortion Pill Mandate 'Exceptions' Leave Seniors in the Cold
'Fetal Heartbeat' Law to Ban Most Abortions in Arkansas
Hagel Record on Israel: ‘Cause for Concern’
Kerry Likely to Move Cautiously on Middle East Peace
Giffords Seeks 'Bold' Action As Congress Takes Up Gun Control
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