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Friday, January 18, 2013
Change Your Prayer Habit From ‘Have To’ to ‘Want To’
I guess we all develop weird habits over the years, some of which are completely oblivious to us until pointed out by another party. read more
Godly Fathers Maintain a Consistent Presence
Are you there for your kids—really there? Or, are you just going through the motions?   I want to share with you how dads—even divorced dads—can establish a “consistent presence” in their children’s lives.
12:00PM EST 1/17/2013
7 Tips to Develop Your Own Bible Reading Plan
A man who became a Christian bought a Bible. He said, “Have you seen this thing?”

The Bible is daunting.
Follow the Footsteps of Jesus to Become a Leader
Every man has a leadership influence on someone. And, every man is affected by the leadership of others.
9:00AM EST 1/17/2013
4:00PM EST 1/16/2013
Bridging the Gap: Be Creative With Your Teen
It seems like just yesterday you couldn’t pry your children off you with a crowbar.   Everywhere you went, anything you were doing, they wanted to be along for the ride.  
12:00PM EST 1/16/2013
Religion Experts Explain Obama's Approach to Interpreting Scripture
March for Life’s Jeanne Monahan Leads New Generation of Anti-Abortion Activists
AG's National Japanese Conference Focuses on Restoration
Alabama Supreme Court Recognizes Unborn as Persons in Landmark Ruling
14 Denominations Unite in John 17:21 Prayer Rally
Pornographer's Prison Sentence Sends Message: Sexual Exploitation Unacceptable
Egyptian Court Gives Family 15 Years in Prison for Converting to Christianity
Christians and 'Infidels' Targets of Algerian Terrorists
German Catholic Church Shuts Priest Sex-Abuse Hotline
Why Is the Vatican Criticizing European Religious Freedom Victories?
Pakistan Supreme Court Lets Persecuted Teen Walk Free
Some Uruguayan Doctors Refuse to Perform Abortions Despite Law
Tony Perkins: Obama Is No Champion of Religious Freedom
Amid Persecution, What's to Celebrate on Religious Freedom Day?
Alveda King: People Wield Guns, Jesus Heals
Spiritual Leaders Call for Prayer, Repentance This Sunday
Pastor Giglio and the New Moral McCarthyism
Alveda King Honors MLK Memory on Civil Rights Leaders' Birthday
Gay-Affirming Episcopal Pastor to Replace Giglio at Inauguration
Obama Unveils Biggest Gun-Control Push in Decades
Obama's Alleged Netanyahu Criticism Enlivens Israeli Election
Myrlie Evers-Williams: Inauguration Timing Is a 'Miracle'
NJ Gov. Chris Christie Likely 'More Ready' for President in 2016
Could String of Lawsuits Unravel Obamacare?
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